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AWS RoboMaker Cloud Extensions

AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions is a collection of ROS packages you can use with your robot and simulation applications to easily access AWS. The extensions enable a number of exciting scenarios. For example you might capture video and other sensor data from your physical robot as it explores the environment. You might provide a voice for your robot and process voice commands. You might recognize faces and objects.

Available packages include the following.

  • Amazon CloudWatch Metrics — Stream sensor data, performance metrics, and other information from your robots. View data over time and set alarms to receive alerts if data reaches certain thresholds (like low battery).

  • Amazon CloudWatch Logs — Stream logging data from your robot fleets to a central place for easy analysis. Search data generated by hundreds of robots in one place.

  • Amazon Kinesis Video Streams — Stream real-time video from your robot into AWS.

  • Amazon Lex — Create a robot with engaging user experiences and lifelike conversation.

  • Amazon Polly — Turn text into speech using lifelike voices in different languages.

  • Amazon S3 — Easily record and store robotic application data.

To see these extensions in action, visit the AWS RoboMaker sample application page AWS RoboMaker sample applications. You can quickly and easily launch and engage with different robot simulations.


To use the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions, you must have:

  • An AWS account. To sign up for an AWS account, see Step 1: Create an AWS Account and an Administrator.

  • AWS credentials. These credentials are used to access AWS services.

  • Configure IAM role permissions to allow AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions to use AWS services. The permissions needed are included in the README files included with each extension.

  • ROS Melodic on Ubuntu 18.04. If you are using an AWS RoboMaker development environment, it is preconfigured for robotics development with the chosen distribution.

Installing AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions

To install the AWS RoboMaker cloud extensions, follow the instructions provided in the README file for each package.