Menu Commands Reference - AWS RoboMaker

Menu Commands Reference

The following lists describe the default menu bar commands for AWS RoboMaker in the AWS Cloud9 development environment. If the menu bar isn't visible, choose the thin bar along the top edge of the development environment to show it.

AWS RoboMaker Run

Command Description


Build selected application or add/edit build configurations.


Bundle selected application or add/edit bundle configurations.

Launch simulation

Start selected simulation.


Run selected workflow or add/edit workflow configurations.

Add or Edit Configurations

Add or edit build, bundle, simulation and workflow configurations.

AWS RoboMaker Simulation

Command Description


Connect to a running simulation job.


Stop the connected running simulation job.


Restart the connected simulation job. Only available if the current workflow contains a simulation step.

Restart With New Bundles

Restart simulation with new bundles.

Restart With Workflow

Restart simulation with the selected workflow.

Applications, Gazebo

Launches Gazebo, a tool for simulating robots in complex environments.

Applications, rviz

Launches rviz (ROS Visualizer), a tool for visualizing sensor data and state information from ROS in 3D.

Applications, rqt

Launches rqt, a Qt-based framework and plugins for ROS GUI development.

Applications, Terminal

Launches a terminal connected to the simulation host.

View Simulation Job Details

Opens a new page with simulation job details in the RoboMaker console.

Switch simulation

Connect to a different running simulation.


Disconnect from the simulation.

AWS RoboMaker Resources

Command Description

Download Samples

Download selected sample application.

View Extensions

Download selected cloud extension.