Virtual Desktop (NICE DCV) - AWS RoboMaker

Virtual Desktop (NICE DCV)

When you launch a virtual desktop, AWS RoboMaker launches the NICE DCV web browser client. The NICE DCV web browser client provides access to your AWS Cloud9 desktop and streaming applications. You can access your folders, launch applications like Gazebo and your own custom applications. This makes it easy to interact with your robot simulation and other ROS applications.

The virtual desktop provides a view into your active AWS Cloud9 session. If you launch more than one virtual desktop, each desktop will access the same AWS Cloud9 session. Changes made in one virtual desktop will be seen in all virtual desktop instances connected to the AC9; instance.

To launch the virtual desktop, open a development environment. On the menu choose Virtual Desktop and then choose Launch Virtual Desktop. It may take a couple seconds to load in a new browser tab.

To exit the virtual desktop, close the NICE DCV browser window.

For more information about NICE DCV web client, see Web Browser Client.

For a detailed example of using the virtual desktop, please see this blog post or the Getting Started section.