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Creating a deployment job

Create a deployment job to install a unique version of a robot application on robots in a fleet. You can define custom environment variables and run a script before and after your application launches on the robot to perform additional configuration.

Create a deployment job

Using the consoleUsing the AWS CLI
Using the console

To create a deployment job:

  1. Sign in to the AWS RoboMaker console at

  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Fleet Management, and then choose Deployments.

  3. Click Create deployment.

  4. In the Create deployment page, under Configuration, select a Fleet.

  5. Select a Robot application.

  6. Select the Robot application version to deploy. The robot application must have a numbered applicationVersion for consistency reasons. If there are no versions listed, or to create a new version, see Creating a Robot Application Version.

  7. Under Deployment launch config, specify the Package name.

  8. Specify the Launch file.

  9. Optionally, specify the Prelaunch file for your application. The file and its dependencies must be part of the package.

  10. Optionally, specify the Postlaunch file for your application. The file and its dependencies must be part of the package.

  11. Optionally, under Environment variables, type in an environment Name and Value. Select Add environment variable to create additional environment variables.

  12. Under Deployment config, specify a Concurrent deployment percentage. AWS RoboMaker will deploy the robot application concurrently to a percentage of the fleet. If you have 200 robots in the fleet and choose 10%, deployment will be attempted on 20 robots simultaneously.

  13. Specify a Failure threshold percentage. Deployment will halt if this percentage of your fleet experiences deployment failure.


    Specify a failure threshold percentage larger than concurrent deployment percentage to ensure deployment halts at the threshold. If the value is smaller, the threshold can be exceeded up to the concurrent deployment percentage.

  14. Click Submit to create the deployment job.

Using the AWS CLI

Here's an example AWS CLI command to create a deployment job.

$ aws robomaker create-deployment-job --fleet=my-fleet-arn --deployment-application-configs application=my-robotarn,applicationVersion="$LATEST",launchConfig={packageName="cloudwatch_robot",launchFile="cloudwatch_deploy.launch"} --deployment-config concurrentDeploymentPercentage="100",failureThresholdPercentage="100"

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