Using images to develop AWS RoboMaker applications - AWS RoboMaker

Using images to develop AWS RoboMaker applications


Starting March 15, 2022, we made changes to AWS RoboMaker simulation which may have affected your pre-existing simulation jobs. To learn more about these changes and migration steps you can follow for your robot applications, simulation applications and simulation jobs, see Migrating ROS applications to containers.

You can use one or more container images to develop and run your simulation and robot applications. For information about images, see Docker basics for Amazon ECS. The images that you use must meet the requirements listed in Requirements for AWS RoboMaker compatible containers.

You can use your own images with AWS RoboMaker if you use one of the development environments that we support.

There are multiple ways that you can use container images to develop your applications. To see examples of how to develop your applications, see Creating images to run the hello world sample application.

After you've used images to develop your applications, you can test them. To test whether your applications work, you can visualize them on your local Linux machine.

After you've tested that your simulation works, you can push your images to Amazon ECR and run simulation jobs to see how your robot would interact in a virtual environment.