Getting Started with AWS RoboMaker - AWS RoboMaker

Getting Started with AWS RoboMaker

In this section, you learn the basics of how to structure your robot applications and simulation applications. You also learn how to edit code, build, and run your applications. Hello world is an example robot application and simulation application you can use. Hello world is built for TurtleBot3. The robot rotates in place. The simulation is an empty world.

  • Build a robot application. A robot application is a robot operating system (ROS)-based application that runs on a physical robot. To run your application in an AWS RoboMaker simulation, you build an X86_64 architecture version of the robot application.

  • Build a simulation application. A simulation application includes a 3D artificial world and Gazebo plugins that control the movement of a robot within that world. An X86_64 architecture version of the simulation application is required.

  • Launch the robot and simulation application. Use ROS to launch the applications. Explore the running simulation using rqt, Gazebo and other tools.