Step 1: Complete the Prerequisites - AWS RoboMaker

Step 1: Complete the Prerequisites

Complete the following setup steps before starting the walkthrough. Setup includes signing up for an AWS account, configuring a user, and then running the Hello World sample application. You use the Hello World robot application and simulation application with the worlds you create in this walkthrough.

If you are already using AWS RoboMaker and have a robotic application that meets the criteria described in Using generated worlds in your simulation, you can skip this step.

To complete the prerequisites

  1. Follow the instructions in Step 1: Create an AWS Account and an Administrator.

  2. Run the Hello World sample application as described in Run the Hello World Sample Application.

Run the Hello World Sample Application

Before you begin working with a robot application and simulation application code, run the Hello World demo application in the AWS RoboMaker console. This sets up the AWS resources the application needs, including the appropriate IAM roles and Amazon S3 bucket for loading applications and writing simulation output.

To run the Hello World demo application

  1. Sign in to the AWS RoboMaker console at

  2. In the AWS RoboMaker console, expand Resources on the left and then select Sample applications.

  3. In the Try AWS RoboMaker sample applications page, select Hello World! and then select Launch. This opens the simulation job detail page while AWS RoboMaker launches the sample simulation.

    The sample application will use ROS Melodic and Gazebo 9 by default.

  4. On the simulation job detail page, when status becomes running, select Gazebo.

  5. In the AWS RoboMaker gzclient window, use the mouse or keyboard to zoom in on the TurtleBot. For more information, see Gazebo Keyboard Shortcuts.

    It is spinning clockwise. Gazebo is fully functional, so you can try out other features. For example, if you want more light on the robot, choose the sun (point light) icon. Then move the pointer around the robot to illuminate it.

  6. When you are done, close Gazebo by closing the browser window.

The Hello World simulation runs for 1 hour. In later steps, you have an opportunity to restart the simulation. If you do, the simulation job timer is reset to zero and the simulation job will run another 1 hour.