Troubleshooting - Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS


The following documentation covers how to troubleshoot issues that might occur when enabling ROSA and provisioning ROSA clusters.

Support for ROSA

With ROSA, you can receive troubleshooting support from AWS Support and the Red Hat support teams. Support cases can be opened with either organization, and are routed to the correct team to resolve your issue.

AWS Support

An AWS Developer Support plan is required to open ROSA technical cases, but an AWS Business or Enterprise On-Ramp Support plan is recommended for continuous access to ROSA technical support and architectural guidance. Red Hat uses the AWS Support API to open cases for customers when necessary. AWS Business Support and AWS Enterprise On-Ramp enable continuous phone, web, and chat access to support engineers. For more information about AWS Support plans, see AWS Support.

For steps to enable an AWS Support plan, see How do I sign up for an AWS Support plan?

For information about creating an AWS Support case, see Creating support cases and case management.

Red Hat Support

ROSA includes Red Hat Premium Support. To receive Red Hat Premium Support, navigate to the Red Hat Customer Portal and use the support case tool to create a support ticket. For more information, see How to engage with Red Hat support.