DataCaptureConfig - Amazon SageMaker


Configuration to control how SageMaker captures inference data.



Configuration specifying how to treat different headers. If no headers are specified SageMaker will by default base64 encode when capturing the data.

Type: CaptureContentTypeHeader object

Required: No


Specifies data Model Monitor will capture. You can configure whether to collect only input, only output, or both

Type: Array of CaptureOption objects

Array Members: Minimum number of 1 item. Maximum number of 2 items.

Required: Yes


The Amazon S3 location used to capture the data.

Type: String

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 512.

Pattern: ^(https|s3)://([^/])/?(.*)$

Required: Yes


Whether data capture should be enabled or disabled (defaults to enabled).

Type: Boolean

Required: No


The percentage of requests SageMaker will capture. A lower value is recommended for Endpoints with high traffic.

Type: Integer

Valid Range: Minimum value of 0. Maximum value of 100.

Required: Yes


The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of a AWS Key Management Service key that SageMaker uses to encrypt data on the storage volume attached to the ML compute instance that hosts the endpoint.

The KmsKeyId can be any of the following formats:

  • Key ID: 1234abcd-12ab-34cd-56ef-1234567890ab

  • Key ARN: arn:aws:kms:us-west-2:111122223333:key/1234abcd-12ab-34cd-56ef-1234567890ab

  • Alias name: alias/ExampleAlias

  • Alias name ARN: arn:aws:kms:us-west-2:111122223333:alias/ExampleAlias

Type: String

Length Constraints: Maximum length of 2048.

Pattern: .*

Required: No

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