Update an Asynchronous Endpoint - Amazon SageMaker

Update an Asynchronous Endpoint

Update an asynchronous endpoint with the UpdateEndpoint API. When you update an endpoint, SageMaker first provisions and switches to the new endpoint configuration you specify before it deletes the resources that were provisioned in the previous endpoint configuration. Do not delete an EndpointConfig with an endpoint that is live or while the UpdateEndpoint or CreateEndpoint operations are being performed on the endpoint.

# The name of the endpoint. The name must be unique within an AWS Region in your AWS account. endpoint_name='<endpoint-name>' # The name of the endpoint configuration associated with this endpoint. endpoint_config_name='<endpoint-config-name>' sagemaker_client.update_endpoint( EndpointConfigName=endpoint_config_name, EndpointName=endpoint_name )

When Amazon SageMaker receives the request, it sets the endpoint status to Updating. After updating the asynchronous endpoint, it sets the status to InService. To check the status of an endpoint, use the DescribeEndpoint API. For a full list of parameters you can specify when updating an endpoint, see the UpdateEndpoint API.