Candidate definition notebook - Amazon SageMaker

Candidate definition notebook

The candidate definition notebook contains each suggested preprocessing step, algorithm, and hyperparameter ranges.

You can choose which candidate to train and tune in two ways. The first, by running sections of the notebook. The second, by running the entire notebook to optimize all candidates to identify a best candidate. If you run the entire notebook, only the best candidate is displayed after job completion.

To run Autopilot from SageMaker Studio Classic, open the candidate definition notebook by following these steps:

  1. Choose the Home icon from the left navigation pane to view the top-level Amazon SageMaker Studio Classic navigation menu.

  2. Select the AutoML card from the main working area. This opens a new Autopilot tab.

  3. In the Name section, select the Autopilot job that has the candidate definition notebook that you want to examine. This opens a new Autopilot job tab.

  4. Choose Open candidate generation notebook from the top right section of the Autopilot job tab. This opens a new read-only preview of the Amazon SageMaker Autopilot Candidate Definition Notebook.

To run the candidate definition notebook, follow these steps:

  1. Choose Import notebook at the top right of the Amazon SageMaker Autopilot Candidate Definition Notebook tab. This opens a tab to set up a new notebook environment to run the notebook.

  2. Select an existing SageMaker Image or use a Custom Image.

  3. Select a Kernel, an Instance type, and an optional Start-up script.

You can now run the notebook in this new environment.