Logging out of Amazon SageMaker Canvas - Amazon SageMaker

Logging out of Amazon SageMaker Canvas

If you're not using Amazon SageMaker Canvas, you can log out of your session. A session starts as soon as you launch SageMaker Canvas from the console. Logging out ends the session. You are only billed for the duration of the session.

When you log out, your models and datasets aren't affected, but SageMaker Canvas cancels any Quick build tasks. If you log out of SageMaker Canvas while running a Quick build, your build might be interrupted until you log back in. When you log back in, SageMaker Canvas automatically restarts the build.

To log out, choose the Log out button ( 
                Filter icon in the SageMaker Canvas app.
            ) on the left panel of the SageMaker Canvas app.

You can also log out from the SageMaker Canvas app by deleting the app in the console.

After you log out, SageMaker Canvas tells you to start a new session in a different tab. Logging in takes between 3 minutes and 8 minutes. If you have an administrator who set up SageMaker Canvas for you, use the instructions they gave you to log back in. If don't have an administrator, see the procedure for accessing SageMaker Canvas in Prerequisites for setting up Amazon SageMaker Canvas.