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Logging out of Amazon SageMaker Canvas

After completing your work in Amazon SageMaker Canvas, you can log out or configure your application to automatically terminate the workspace instance. A workspace instance is dedicated for your use every time you launch a Canvas application, and you are billed for as long as the instance runs. Logging out or terminating the workspace instance stops the workspace instance billing. For more information, see SageMaker Pricing.

The following sections describe how to log out of your Canvas application and how to configure your application to automatically shut down on a schedule.

Log out of Canvas

When you log out of Canvas, your models and datasets aren't affected, but SageMaker Canvas cancels any Quick build tasks. If you log out of SageMaker Canvas while running a Quick build, your build might be interrupted until you relaunch the application. When you relaunch, SageMaker Canvas automatically restarts the build. Standard builds continue even if you log out.

To log out, choose the Log out button ( 
                    Filter icon in the SageMaker Canvas app.
                ) on the left panel of the SageMaker Canvas application.

You can also log out from the SageMaker Canvas application by closing your browser tab and then deleting the application in the console.

After you log out, SageMaker Canvas tells you to relaunch in a different tab. Logging in takes between 3 minutes and 8 minutes. If you have an administrator who set up SageMaker Canvas for you, use the instructions they gave you to log back in. If don't have an administrator, see the procedure for accessing SageMaker Canvas in Prerequisites for setting up Amazon SageMaker Canvas.

Automatically shut down Canvas

If you’re a Canvas administrator, you might want to regularly shut down applications to reduce costs. You can either create a schedule to shut down active Canvas applications, or you can create an automation to shut down Canvas applications as soon as they’re idle (meaning the user hasn’t been active for 2 hours).

You can create these solutions using AWS Lambda functions that call the DeleteApp API and delete Canvas applications given certain conditions. For more information about these solutions and access to AWS CloudFormation templates that you can use, see the blog Optimizing costs for Amazon SageMaker Canvas with automatic shutdown of idle apps .


You might experience missing Amazon CloudWatch metrics if there was an error when setting up your idle shut down schedule or a CloudWatch error. We recommend that you add a CloudWatch alarm that monitors for missing metrics. If you encounter this issue, reach out to AWS Support for help.