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React to Amazon SageMaker Job Status Changes with CloudWatch Events

To react to a status change in a Amazon SageMaker training, hyperparameter tuning, or batch transform job, create a rule in CloudWatch Events that use the SageMaker Training Job State Change, SageMaker Hyperparameter Tuning Job State Change, or SageMaker Transform Job State Change event type as the event source for the rule.

Every time the status of a Amazon SageMaker job changes, it triggers an event that CloudWatch Events monitors, and you can create a rule that calls a AWS Lambda function when the status changes. For information about the status values and meanings for Amazon SageMaker jobs, see the following:

For information about creating CloudWatch Events rules, see Creating a CloudWatch Events Rule That Triggers on an Event in the CloudWatch Events User Guide. For detailed information about the format of the Amazon SageMaker events that CloudWatch Events monitors, see Amazon SageMaker Events.