Create a Multi-Model Endpoint (Console) - Amazon SageMaker

Create a Multi-Model Endpoint (Console)

To create a multi-model endpoint (console)

  1. Open the Amazon SageMaker console at

  2. Choose Model, and then from the Inference group, choose Create model.

  3. For Model name, enter a name.

  4. For IAM role. choose or create an IAM role that has the AmazonSageMakerFullAccess IAM policy attached.

  5. In the Container definition section, for Provide model artifacts and inference image optionschoose Use multiple models.

              The section of the Create model page where you can choose Use
                  multiple models to host multiple models on a single endpoint.
  6. Choose Create model.

  7. Deploy your multi-model endpoint as you would a single model endpoint. For instructions, see Step 6.1: Deploy the Model to Amazon SageMaker Hosting Services.