Create a workflow of notebook jobs - Amazon SageMaker

Create a workflow of notebook jobs

Since a notebook job runs your custom code, you can create a pipeline that includes one or more notebook job steps. ML workflows often contain multiple steps, such as a processing step to preprocess data, a training step to build your model, and a model evaluation step, among others. One possible use of notebook jobs is to handle preprocessing—you might have a notebook that performs data transformation or ingestion, an EMR step that performs data cleaning, and another notebook job that performs featurization of your inputs before initiating a training step. A notebook job may require information from previous steps in the pipeline or from user-specified customization as parameters in the input notebook. For examples that show how to pass environment variables and parameters to your notebook and retrieve information from prior steps, see Pass information to and from your notebook step.

In another use case, one of your notebook jobs might call another notebook to perform some tasks during your notebook run—in this scenario you need to specify these sourced notebooks as dependencies with your notebook job step. For information about how to call another notebook, see Invoke another notebook in your notebook job.

To view sample notebooks that demonstrate how to schedule notebook jobs with the SageMaker Python SDK, see notebook job sample notebooks.