Amazon SageMaker Debugger API Operations - Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker Debugger API Operations

Amazon SageMaker Debugger has API operations in several locations that are used to implement its monitoring and analysis of model training.

Amazon SageMaker Debugger provides an open source smdebug Python library at awslabs/sagemaker-debugger that is used to configure built-in rules or to define custom rules used to analyze the tensor data from training jobs.

The Amazon SageMaker Python SDK is a high-level SDK focused on machine learning experimentation. The SDK can be used to deploy built-in or custom rules defined with the smdebug Python library to monitor and analyze these tensors using Amazon SageMaker estimators.

Debugger has added operations and types to the Amazon SageMaker API that enable the platform to use Debugger when training a model and to manage the configuration of inputs and outputs.

Debugger also makes use of the Amazon SageMaker Processing functionality when analyzing model training. For more information on Processing, see Process Data and Evaluate Models.