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Package a Model (Boto3)

You can create a SageMaker Edge Manager packaging job with the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3). Before continuing, make sure you have satisfied the Prerequisites.

To request an edge packaging job, use CreateEdgePackagingJob. You need to provide a name to your edge packaging job, the name of your SageMaker Neo compilation job, your role Amazon resource name (ARN), a name for your model, a version for your model, and the Amazon S3 bucket URI where you want to store the output of your packaging job. Note that Edge Manager packaging job names and SageMaker Neo compilation job names are case-sensitive.

# Import AWS SDK for Python (Boto3) import boto3 # Create Edge client so you can submit a packaging job sagemaker_client = boto3.client("sagemaker", region_name='aws-region') sagemaker_client.create_edge_packaging_job( EdgePackagingJobName="edge-packaging-name", CompilationJobName="neo-compilation-name", RoleArn="arn:aws:iam::99999999999:role/rolename", ModelName="sample-model-name", ModelVersion="model-version", OutputConfig={ "S3OutputLocation": "s3://your-bucket/", } )

You can check the status of an edge packaging job using DescribeEdgePackagingJob and providing the case-sensitive edge packaging job name:

response = sagemaker_client.describe_edge_packaging_job( EdgePackagingJobName="edge-packaging-name")

This returns a dictionary that can be used to poll the status of the packaging job:

# Optional - Poll every 30 sec to check completion status import time while True: response = sagemaker_client.describe_edge_packaging_job( EdgePackagingJobName="edge-packaging-name") if response['EdgePackagingJobStatus'] == 'Completed': break elif response['EdgePackagingJobStatus'] == 'Failed': raise RuntimeError('Packaging job failed') print('Packaging model...') time.sleep(30) print('Done!')

For a list of packaging jobs, use ListEdgePackagingJobs. You can use this API to search for a specific packaging job. Provide a partial name to filter packaging job names for NameContains, a partial name for ModelNameContains to filter for jobs in which the model name contains the name you provide. Also specify with which column to sort with SortBy, and by which direction to sort for SortOrder (either Ascending or Descending).

sagemaker_client.list_edge_packaging_jobs( "NameContains": "sample", "ModelNameContains": "sample", "SortBy": "column-name", "SortOrder": "Descending" )

To stop a packaging job, use StopEdgePackagingJob and provide the name of your edge packaging job.

sagemaker_client.stop_edge_packaging_job( EdgePackagingJobName="edge-packaging-name" )

For a full list of Edge Manager APIs, see the Boto3 documentation.