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Clean Up Amazon SageMaker Experiment Resources

To avoid incurring unnecessary charges, delete the Amazon SageMaker Experiment resources you no longer need. You can't delete Experiment resources through the SageMaker Management Console or the Amazon SageMaker Studio UI. This topic shows you how to clean up these resources using Boto3 and the Experiments SDK. For more information about the Experiments SDK, see sagemaker-experiments.

To delete the experiment, you must delete all trials in the experiment. To delete a trial, you must remove all trial components from the trial. To delete a trial component, you must remove the component from all trials.


Trial components can exist independent of trials and experiments. You do not have to delete them. If you want to reuse them, comment out tc.delete() in the code.

Clean Up Using the Experiments SDK

To clean up using the Experiments SDK

import sys !{sys.executable} -m pip install sagemaker-experiments
import time from smexperiments.experiment import Experiment from smexperiments.trial import Trial from smexperiments.trial_component import TrialComponent

Define cleanup_sme_sdk

def cleanup_sme_sdk(experiment): for trial_summary in experiment.list_trials(): trial = Trial.load(trial_name=trial_summary.trial_name) for trial_component_summary in trial.list_trial_components(): tc = TrialComponent.load( trial_component_name=trial_component_summary.trial_component_name) trial.remove_trial_component(tc) try: # comment out to keep trial components tc.delete() except: # tc is associated with another trial continue # to prevent throttling time.sleep(.5) trial.delete() experiment_name = experiment.experiment_name experiment.delete() print(f"\nExperiment {experiment_name} deleted")

Call cleanup_sme_sdk

experiment_to_cleanup = Experiment.load( # Use experiment name not display name experiment_name="experiment-name") cleanup_sme_sdk(experiment_to_cleanup)

Clean Up Using the Python SDK (Boto3)

To clean up using Boto 3

import boto3 sm = boto3.Session().client('sagemaker')

Define cleanup_boto3

def cleanup_boto3(experiment_name): trials = sm.list_trials(ExperimentName=experiment_name)['TrialSummaries'] print('TrialNames:') for trial in trials: trial_name = trial['TrialName'] print(f"\n{trial_name}") components_in_trial = sm.list_trial_components(TrialName=trial_name) print('\tTrialComponentNames:') for component in components_in_trial['TrialComponentSummaries']: component_name = component['TrialComponentName'] print(f"\t{component_name}") sm.disassociate_trial_component(TrialComponentName=component_name, TrialName=trial_name) try: # comment out to keep trial components sm.delete_trial_component(TrialComponentName=component_name) except: # component is associated with another trial continue # to prevent throttling time.sleep(.5) sm.delete_trial(TrialName=trial_name) sm.delete_experiment(ExperimentName=experiment_name) print(f"\nExperiment {experiment_name} deleted")

Call cleanup_boto3

# Use experiment name not display name experiment_name = "experiment-name" cleanup_boto3(experiment_name)