Adding required policies to your IAM role - Amazon SageMaker

Adding required policies to your IAM role

To get started with Amazon SageMaker Feature Store you must add the required policy to your role, AmazonSageMakerFeatureStoreAccess. Below is a walkthrough on how to add it to your role through the console.

Step 1: Access AWS Management Console

Sign in to the AWS Management Console and open the IAM console.

Step 2: Choose Roles

In the navigation pane on the left, choose Roles. The navigation pane is illustrated below with Roles outlined in red.

In the search bar, enter the role you are using for Amazon SageMaker Feature Store. Below illustrates with a red arrow where you enter your role.

Step 4: Attach policy

After you find your role, choose Attach policies. Below illustrates this with a red arrow.

Next you will enter in the search bar the required policy. Below illustrates the search bar you will use to enter the policy.

The policy you will need to add is AmazonSageMakerFeatureStoreAccess. After you enter the policy, select the check box and then choose Attach policy. Below illustrates the this step.

After you have attached both policies to your role, the policy should appear under your IAM role. The following illustrates how it appears under your IAM role.