Delete a feature group - Amazon SageMaker

Delete a feature group

You can use Amazon SageMaker Studio or the Amazon SageMaker Feature Store API to delete your feature group.

The following sections provide an overview of using both to delete a feature group.

Delete a feature group using Studio

  1. Open Studio. For more information, see Launch Amazon SageMaker Studio.

  2. Choose the Home icon ( ) on the left panel.

  3. Choose Data.

  4. From the dropdown list, choose Feature Store.

  5. In the Feature Group Catalog tab choose the feature group you wish to delete under Feature group name.

  6. Choose Delete feature group.

  7. In the popup window confirm deletion by typing "delete" in the field, then choose Delete.

Delete feature group example Python code

The following code uses the DeleteFeatureGroup API operation to delete your feature group using the AWS SDK for Python (Boto3). It assumes that you've set up Feature Store and created a feature group. For more information about getting started, see Introduction to Feature Store example notebook.

import sagemaker from sagemaker.feature_store.feature_group import FeatureGroup sagemaker_session = sagemaker.Session() fg_name = 'your-feature-group-name' my_fg = FeatureGroup(name=fg_name, sagemaker_session=sagemaker_session) my_fg.delete()