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Amazon SageMaker Feature Store Offline Store Data Format

Amazon SageMaker Feature Store offline store data is stored in an Amazon S3 bucket within your account. When you call PutRecord, your data is buffered, batched, and written into Amazon S3 within 15 minutes. Feature Store only supports the Parquet file format. Specifically, when your data is written to your offline store, the data can only be retrieved from your Amazon S3 bucket in Parquet format. Each file can contain multiple Records.

Files are organized with the following naming convention:

s3://<bucket-name>/<customer-prefix>/<account-id>/sagemaker/<aws-region>/offline-store/<feature-group-name>-<feature-group-creation-time>/data/year=<event-time-year>/ month=<event-time-month>/day=<event-time-day>/hour=<event-time-hour>/<timestamp_of_latest_event_time_in_file>_<16-random-alphanumeric-digits>.parquet

Records in the offline store are partitioned by event time into hourly partitions as shown in the preceding example. The partitioning scheme is not configurable. The following code shows an example of a Parquet file:

s3://my-bucket/my-prefix/123456789012/sagemaker/us-east-1/offline-store/ customer-purchase-history-patterns-1593511200/data/year=2020/month=06/day=31/hour=00/20200631T064401Z_108934320012Az11.parquet

Feature Store also exposes the OfflineStoreConfig.S3StorageConfig.ResolvedOutputS3Uri field, which can be found from in the DescribeFeatureGroup API call. This is the S3 path under which the files for the specific feature group are written.

Example value of ResolvedOutputS3Uri:


The following additional fields are added by Feature Store to each Record when they persist in the offline store:

  • api_invocation_time – The timestamp when the service receives the PutRecord or DeleteRecord call. If using managed ingestion (e.g. Data Wrangler), this is the timestamp when data was written into the offline store.

  • write_time – The timestamp when data was written into the offline store. Can be used for constructing time-travel related queries.

  • is_deletedFalse by default. If DeleteRecord is called, a new Record is inserted into RecordIdentifierValue and set to True in the offline store.