CloudWatch Metrics - Amazon SageMaker

CloudWatch Metrics

If the publish_cloudwatch_metrics value is Enabled in the Environment map in the /opt/ml/processing/processingjobconfig.json file, the container code emits Amazon CloudWatch metrics in this location: /opt/ml/output/metrics/cloudwatch.

The schema for this file is closely based on the CloudWatch PutMetrics API. The namespace is not specified here. It defaults to /aws/sagemaker/Endpoint/data-metrics. However, you can specify dimensions. We recommend that you add the Endpoint and MonitoringSchedule dimensions at a minimum.

{ "MetricName": "", # Required "Timestamp": "2019-11-26T03:00:00Z", # Required "Dimensions" : [{"Name":"Endpoint","Value":"endpoint_0"},{"Name":"MonitoringSchedule","Value":"schedule_0"}] "Value": Float, # Either the Value or the StatisticValues field can be populated and not both. "StatisticValues": { "SampleCount": Float, "Sum": Float, "Minimum": Float, "Maximum": Float }, "Unit": "Count", # Optional }