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Schedule Model Quality Monitoring Jobs

For general information about scheduling monitoring jobs, see Schedule Monitoring Jobs. For model quality monitoring, you also have to consider the fact that the availability of ground truth labels might be delayed.


    To address this, use offsets. Model quality jobs include StartOffset and EndOffset, which are fields of the ModelQualityJobInput parameter of the create_model_quality_job_definition method that work as follows:

    • StartOffset - If specified, jobs subtract this time from the start time.

    • EndOffset - If specified, jobs subtract this time from the end time.

    The format of the offsets are, for example, -P7H, where 7H is 7 hours. You can use -P#H or -P#D, where H=hours, D=days, and M=minutes, and # is the number.

    For example, if your ground truth starts coming in after 1 day, but is not complete for a week, set StartOffset to -P8D and EndOffset to -P1D. Then, if you schedule a job to run at 2020-01-09T13:00, it analyzes data from between 2020-01-01T13:00 and 2020-01-08T13:00.


    The schedule cadence should be such that one execution finishes before the next execution starts, which allows the ground truth merge job and monitoring job from the execution to complete. The maximum runtime of an execution is divided between the two jobs, so for an hourly model quality monitoring job, the value of MaxRuntimeInSeconds specified as part of StoppingCondition should be no more than 1800.