Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor Pre-built Container - Amazon SageMaker

Amazon SageMaker Model Monitor Pre-built Container

SageMaker provides a built-in container sagemaker-model-monitor-analyzer that provides you with a range of model monitoring capabilities, including constraint suggestion, statistics generation, constraint validation against a baseline, and emitting Amazon CloudWatch metrics. This container is based on Spark and is built with Deequ. The prebuilt container for SageMaker Model Monitor can be accessed at:


For example:

The following table lists the supported values for account IDs and corresponding AWS Region names.

156813124566 us-east-1
777275614652 us-east-2
890145073186 us-west-1
159807026194 us-west-2
875698925577 af-south-1
001633400207 ap-east-1
574779866223 ap-northeast-1
709848358524 ap-northeast-2
126357580389 ap-south-1
245545462676 ap-southeast-1
563025443158 ap-southeast-2
536280801234 ca-central-1
453000072557 cn-north-1
453252182341 cn-northwest-1
048819808253 eu-central-1
895015795356 eu-north-1
933208885752 eu-south-1
468650794304 eu-west-1
749857270468 eu-west-2
680080141114 eu-west-3
607024016150 me-south-1
539772159869 sa-east-1
362178532790 us-gov-west-1

To write your own analysis container, see the container contract described in Customize Monitoring.