Amazon SageMaker
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Step 4 : Invoke the Endpoint to Get Inferences

Your model is now deployed on Amazon SageMaker. To get inferences, send requests using the predict method provided by the MXNetPredictor object (returned in the preceding section). The method calls the Amazon SageMaker InvokeEndpoint.

This example provides an HTML canvas that you can use to draw a number using your mouse. The test code sends this image to the model for inference.

  1. Display the canvas by copying, pasting, and running the following code:

    from IPython.display import HTML HTML(open("/home/ec2-user/sample-notebooks/sagemaker-python-sdk/mxnet_mnist/input.html").read())
  2. Use your mouse to raw a single-digit number on the canvas.

  3. Run the predict method to get inference from the model.

    response = predictor.predict(data) print('Raw prediction result:') print(response) labeled_predictions = list(zip(range(10), response[0])) print('Labeled predictions: ') print(labeled_predictions) labeled_predictions.sort(key=lambda label_and_prob: 1.0 - label_and_prob[1]) print('Most likely answer: {}'.format(labeled_predictions[0]))

    The following is an example of output. It shows the number that was inferred (7) and a number that represents the probability that the inference is correct.

    Raw prediction result: [[1.7489463002839933e-11, 0.006231508683413267, 8.953022916102782e-05, 0.0872468426823616, 0.0001965702831512317, 1.7784617739380337e-05, 3.312719196180147e-11, 0.7383657097816467, 0.009811942465603352, 0.15804021060466766]] Labeled predictions: [(0, 1.7489463002839933e-11), (1, 0.006231508683413267), (2, 8.953022916102782e-05), (3, 0.0872468426823616), (4, 0.0001965702831512317), (5, 1.7784617739380337e-05), (6, 3.312719196180147e-11), (7, 0.7383657097816467), (8, 0.009811942465603352), (9, 0.15804021060466766)] Most likely answer: (7, 0.7383657097816467)

In the result:

  • The Raw prediction result is a list of 10 probability values that the model returned as inference, corresponding to the digits 0 through 9. From these values, the input digit is 7 based on the highest probability value (0.7383657097816467).

  • The values are listed in order, one value for each digit (0 through 9). The model added labels to it and returned Labeled predictions.

  • Based on the highest probability, our code returned the Most likely answer (digit 7).

You can now delete the resources that you created in this exercise. For more information, see Step 4: Clean up.

Your Amazon SageMaker notebook instance includes additional examples.