Update a Notebook Instance - Amazon SageMaker

Update a Notebook Instance

After you create a notebook instance, you can update it using the SageMaker console and UpdateNotebookInstance API operation.

You can update the tags of a notebook instance that is InService. To update any other attribute of a notebook instance, its status must be Stopped.

To update a notebook instance in the SageMaker console:
  1. Open the SageMaker console at https://console.aws.amazon.com/sagemaker/.

  2. Choose Notebook instances.

  3. Choose the notebook instance that you want to update by selecting the notebook instance Name from the list.

  4. If your notebook Status is not Stopped, select the Stop button to stop the notebook instance.

    When you do this, the notebook instance status changes to Stopping. Wait until the status changes to Stopped to complete the following steps.

  5. Select the Edit button to open the Edit notebook instance page. For information about the notebook properties you can update, see Create an Amazon SageMaker notebook instance.

  6. Update your notebook instance and select the Update notebook instance button at the bottom of the page when you are done to return to the notebook instances page. Your notebook instance status changes to Updating.

    When the notebook instance update is complete, the status changes to Stopped.