Available Amazon SageMaker Images - Amazon SageMaker

Available Amazon SageMaker Images

The following SageMaker images are available in Amazon SageMaker Studio. SageMaker images contain the latest Amazon SageMaker Python SDK and the latest version of the kernel. The name in brackets ([ ]) is the resource identifier of the SageMaker image as specified in the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) for the SageMaker image. For more information, see Deep Learning Containers Images.

  • Data Science [datascience-1.0]

    Data Science is a Conda image with the most commonly used Python packages and libraries, such as NumPy and SciKit Learn.

  • Base Python [python-3.6]

  • MXNet (optimized for CPU) [mxnet-1.6-cpu-py36]

  • MXNet (optimized for GPU) [mxnet-1.6-gpu-py36]

  • PyTorch (optimized for CPU) [pytorch-1.4-cpu-py36]

  • PyTorch (optimized for GPU) [pytorch-1.4-gpu-py36]

  • PyTorch 1.8 (optimized for CPU) [pytorch-1.8-cpu-py36]

  • PyTorch 1.8 (optimized for GPU) [pytorch-1.8-gpu-py36]

  • TensorFlow (optimized for CPU) [tensorflow-1.15-cpu-py36]

  • TensorFlow (optimized for GPU) [tensorflow-1.15-gpu-py36]

  • TensorFlow 2 (optimized for CPU) [tensorflow-2.1-cpu-py36]

  • TensorFlow 2 (optimized for GPU) [tensorflow-2.1-gpu-py36]

  • TensorFlow 2.6 (optimized for CPU) [tensorflow-2.6-cpu-py38]

  • TensorFlow 2.6 (optimized for GPU) [tensorflow-2.6-gpu-py38]