Execute a Pipeline - Amazon SageMaker

Execute a Pipeline

This procedure shows you how to execute a pipeline. For information on how to view a list of pipeline executions, see View a Pipeline.

To start a pipeline execution

  1. From the Executions or Graph tab in the execution list, choose Start an execution.

  2. Enter or update the following required information:

    • Name – Must be unique to your account in the AWS Region.

    • ProcessingInstanceType – The instance type for processing.

    • ProcessingInstanceCount – The number of instances to use for processing.

    • TrainingInstanceType – The instance type for training.

    • ModelApprovalStatus – For your convenience.

    • InputData – The S3 URI of the input data.

  3. Choose Submit.

  • To see details of the execution or to stop the execution, choose View details on the status banner.

  • To stop the execution, choose Stop on the status banner.

  • To resume the execution from where it was stopped, choose Resume on the status banner.


If your pipeline fails, the status banner will show Failed status. After troubleshooting the failed step, choose Retry on the status banner to resume running the pipeline from that step.

For a list of registered models, see Automate MLOps with SageMaker Projects.