View a Pipeline - Amazon SageMaker

View a Pipeline

This procedure shows you how to directly find a pipeline and view its details page. You can also find pipelines that are part of a project listed in the project's details page. For information on finding a pipeline that is part of a project, see Automate MLOps with SageMaker Projects.

To view a list of pipelines
  1. In the Studio sidebar, choose the Home icon ( ).

  2. Select Pipelines from the menu.

  3. Use search to narrow the list of pipelines by name.

  4. Select a pipeline name to view details about the pipeline. The pipeline details tab opens and displays a list of pipeline executions. You can start an execution or choose one of the other tabs for more information about the pipeline. Use the Property Inspector icon ( ) to choose which columns to display.

  5. From the pipeline details page, choose one of the following tabs to view details about the pipeline:

    • Executions – Details about the executions. You can create an execution from this tab or the Graph tab.

    • Graph – The DAG for the pipeline.

    • Parameters – Includes the model approval status.

    • Settings – The metadata associated with the pipeline. You can download the pipeline definition file and edit the pipeline name and description from this tab.