View a Pipeline - Amazon SageMaker

View a Pipeline

This procedure shows you how to directly find a pipeline and view its details page. You can also find pipelines that are part of a project listed in the project's details page. For information on finding a pipeline that is part of a project, see Automate MLOps with SageMaker Projects.

To view a list of pipelines

  1. In the left sidebar of Studio, choose the SageMaker resources icon ( ).

  2. Select Pipelines from the dropdown list.

  3. Drag the right border of the SageMaker resources pane to the right to view all the columns. Use search to narrow the list of pipelines.

    Search is a two-step process. First, you enter characters that match the column name you want to search. Second, you enter characters to match the item in that column.

    You can have multiple search filters. An an example, the following screenshot limits the displayed pipelines to those with a name that starts with aba and created by Me. For more information on searching in Studio, see Search Experiments Using Amazon SageMaker Studio.

  4. Open a pipeline to view details about the pipeline. The pipeline details tab opens and displays a list of pipeline executions. You can start an execution or choose one of the other tabs for more information about the pipeline. Use the Settings icon ( ) to choose which columns to display.

  5. From the pipeline details page, choose one of the following tabs to view details about the pipeline:

    • Executions – Details about the executions. You can start an execution from this tab or the Graph tab.

    • Graph – The DAG for the pipeline.

    • Parameters – Includes the model approval status.

    • Settings – The metadata associated with the pipeline. You can download the pipeline definition file and edit the pipeline name and description from this tab.