RStudio Connect URL - Amazon SageMaker

RStudio Connect URL

RStudio Connect is a publishing platform for Shiny applications, R Markdown reports, dashboards, plots, and more. RStudio Connect makes it easy to surface machine learning and data science insights by making hosting content simple and scalable. If you have an RStudio Connect server, then you can set the server as the default place where apps are published. For more information about RStudio Connect, see RStudio Connect.

When you onboard to RStudio on Amazon SageMaker domain, an RStudio Connect server is not created. You can create an RStudio Connect server on an Amazon EC2 instance to use Connect with Amazon SageMaker domain. For information about how to set up your RStudio Connect server, see Host RStudio Connect and Package Manager for ML development in RStudio on Amazon SageMaker.

Add an RStudio Connect URL

If you have an RStudio Connect URL, you can update the default URL so that your RStudio Users can publish to it.

  1. Navigate to the domains page.

  2. Select the desired domain.

  3. Choose domain Settings.

  4. Under General Settings, select Edit.

  5. From the new page, select RStudio Settings on the left side. 

  6. Under RStudio Connect URL, enter the RStudio Connect URL to add.

  7. Select Submit.


You can set a default RStudio Connect URL when you create your domain. The only way to update your RStudio Connect URL from the AWS CLI is to delete your domain and create a new one with the updated RStudio Connect URL.