List Your Algorithm or Model Package on AWS Marketplace - Amazon SageMaker

List Your Algorithm or Model Package on AWS Marketplace

After creating and validating your algorithm or model in Amazon SageMaker, list your product on AWS Marketplace. The listing process makes your products available in the AWS Marketplace and the SageMaker console.

To list products on AWS Marketplace, you must be a registered seller. To register, use the self-registration process from the AWS Marketplace Management Portal (AMMP). For information, see Getting Started as a Seller in the User Guide for AWS Marketplace Providers. When you start the product listing process from the Amazon SageMaker console, we check your seller registration status. If you have not registered, we direct you to do so.

To start the listing process, do one of the following:

  • From the SageMaker console, choose the product, choose Actions, and choose Publish new ML Marketplace listing. This carries over your product reference, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and directs you to the AMMP to create the listing.

  • Go to ML listing process, manually enter the Amazon Resource Name (ARN), and start your product listing. This process carries over the product metadata that you entered when creating the product in SageMaker. For an algorithm listing, the information includes the supported instance types and hyperparameters. In addition, you can enter a product description, promotional information, and support information as you would with other AWS Marketplace products.