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A message that alerts the worker to a current situation.

See an interactive example of an HTML template that uses this Crowd HTML Element in CodePen.

The following is an example of a Liquid template that uses the <crowd-alert> element. Copy the following code and save it in a file with the extension .html. Open the file in any browser to preview and interact with this template.

<script src=""></script> <crowd-form> <div id="errorBox"></div> <crowd-keypoint src="{{ task.input.taskObject | grant_read_access }}" labels="['Item A', 'Item B', 'Item C']" header="Please locate the centers of each item." name="annotatedResult"> <short-instructions> Describe your task briefly here and give examples </short-instructions> <full-instructions> Give additional instructions and good/bad examples here </full-instructions> </crowd-keypoint> </crowd-form> <script> var num_obj = 1; document.querySelector('crowd-form').onsubmit = function(e) { const keypoints = document.querySelector('crowd-keypoint').value.keypoints || document.querySelector('crowd-keypoint')._submittableValue.keypoints; const labels = { return p.label; }); // 1. Make sure total number of keypoints is correct. var original_num_labels = document.getElementsByTagName("crowd-keypoint")[0].getAttribute("labels"); original_num_labels = original_num_labels.substring(2, original_num_labels.length - 2).split("\",\""); var goalNumKeypoints = num_obj*original_num_labels.length; if (keypoints.length != goalNumKeypoints) { e.preventDefault(); errorBox.innerHTML = '<crowd-alert type="error" dismissible>You must add all keypoint annotations and use each label only once.</crowd-alert>'; errorBox.scrollIntoView(); return; } // 2. Make sure all labels are unique. labelCounts = {}; for (var i = 0; i < labels.length; i++) { if (!labelCounts[labels[i]]) { labelCounts[labels[i]] = 0; } labelCounts[labels[i]]++; } const goalNumSingleLabel = num_obj; const numLabels = Object.keys(labelCounts).length; Object.entries(labelCounts).forEach(entry => { if (entry[1] != goalNumSingleLabel) { e.preventDefault(); errorBox.innerHTML = '<crowd-alert type="error" dismissible>You must use each label only once.</crowd-alert>'; errorBox.scrollIntoView(); } }) }; </script>


The following attributes are supported by this element.


A Boolean switch that, if present, allows the message to be closed by the worker.


A string that specifies the type of message to be displayed. The possible values are "info" (the default), "success", "error", and "warning".

Element Hierarchy

This element has the following parent and child elements.

  • Parent elements: crowd-form

  • Child elements: none

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