crowd-modal - Amazon SageMaker


A small window that pops up on the display when it is opened.

See an interactive example of an HTML template that uses this Crowd HTML Element in CodePen.

The following is an example of the syntax that you can use with the <crowd-modal> element. Copy the following code and save it in a file with the extension .html. Open the file in any browser to preview and interact with this template.

<script src=""></script> <crowd-modal link-text = "See Examples" link-type = "button"> Example Modal Text</crowd-modal>

The following attributes are supported by this element.

The text to display for opening the modal. The default is "Click to open modal".

A string that specifies the type of trigger for the modal. The possible values are "link" (default) and "button".

This element has the following parent and child elements.

  • Parent elements: crowd-form

  • Child elements: none

For more information, see the following.