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A bar with a sliding knob that allows a worker to select a value from a range of values by moving the knob. The slider makes it a great choice for settings that reflect intensity levels, such as volume, brightness, or color saturation.


The following attributes are supported by this element.


A Boolean switch that, if present, displays the slider as disabled.


A Boolean switch that, if present, displays an up/down button that can be chosen to select the value.

Selecting the value via the up/down button is an alternative to selecting the value by moving the knob on the slider. The knob on the slider will move synchronously with the up/down button choices.


A number that specifies the maximum value on the slider.


A number that specifies the minimum value on the slider.


A string that is used to identify the answer submitted by the worker. This value will match a key in the JSON object that specifies the answer.


A Boolean switch that, if present, displays the current value above the knob as the knob is moved.


A Boolean switch that, if present, requires the worker to provide input.


When used with a crowd-slider-secondary-color CSS attribute, the progress bar is colored to the point represented by the secondary-progress. For example, if this was representing the progress on a streaming video, the value would represent where the viewer was in the video timeline. The secondary-progress value would represent the point on the timeline to which the video had buffered.


A number that specifies the difference between selectable values on the slider.


A preset that becomes the default if the worker does not provide input.

Element Hierarchy

This element has the following parent and child elements.

  • Parent elements: crowd-form

  • Child elements: none

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