Crowd HTML Elements Reference - Amazon SageMaker

Crowd HTML Elements Reference

Crowd HTML Elements are web components, a web standard that abstracts HTML markup, CSS, and JavaScript functionality into an HTML tag or set of tags. Amazon SageMaker provides customers with the ability to design their own custom task templates in HTML.

As a starting point, you can use a template built using Crowd HTML Elements from one of the following GitHub repositories:

These repositories include templates designed for audio, image, text, video, and other types of data labeling and annotation tasks.

For more information about how to implement custom templates in Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth, see Creating Custom Labeling Workflows. To learn more about custom templates in Amazon Augmented AI, see Create Custom Worker Task Templates.

SageMaker Crowd HTML Elements

Following is a list of Crowd HTML Elements that make building a custom template easier and provide a familiar UI for workers. These elements are supported in Ground Truth, Augmented AI, and Mechanical Turk.

Augmented AI Crowd HTML Elements

The following Crowd HTML Elements are only available for Amazon Augmented AI human workflow tasks.