Onboard to Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab - Amazon SageMaker

Onboard to Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab

To onboard to Amazon SageMaker Studio Lab, follow the steps in this guide. In the following sections, you learn how to request a Studio Lab account, create your account, and sign in.

Request a Studio Lab account

To use Studio Lab, you must first request approval to create a Studio Lab account. An AWS account cannot be used for onboarding to Studio Lab.

The following steps show how to request a Studio Lab account.

  1. Navigate to the Studio Lab landing page.

  2. Select Request account.

  3. Enter the required information into the form.

  4. Select Submit request.

  5. If you receive an email to verify your email address, follow the instructions in the email to complete this step.

Your account request must be approved before you can register for a Studio Lab account. Your request will be reviewed within five business days. When your account request is approved, you receive an email with a link to the Studio Lab account registration page. This link expires seven days after your request is approved. If the link expires, you must submit a new account request.

Note: Your account request is denied if your email has been associated with activity that violates our Terms of Service or other agreements.

Referral codes

Studio Lab referral codes enable new account requests to be automatically approved to support machine learning events like workshops, hackathons, and classes. With a referral code, a trusted host can get their participants immediate access to Studio Lab. After an account has been created using a referral code, the account continues to exist after the expiration of the code.

To get a referral code, contact Sales Support. To use a referral code, enter the code as part of the account request form.

Create a Studio Lab account

After your request is approved, complete the following steps to create your Studio Lab account.

  1. Select Create account in the account request approval email to open a new page.

  2. From the new page, enter your Email, a Password, and a Username.

  3. Select Create account.

Sign in to Studio Lab

After you register for your account, you can sign in to Studio Lab.

  1. Navigate to the Studio Lab landing page.

  2. Select Sign in to open a new page.

  3. Enter your Email or Username and Password.

  4. Select Sign in to open a new page to your project.