Prepare data using AWS Glue Interactive Sessions - Amazon SageMaker

Prepare data using AWS Glue Interactive Sessions

AWS Glue Interactive Sessions is an on-demand, serverless, Apache Spark runtime environment that data scientists and engineers can use to rapidly build, test, and run data preparation and analytics applications.

You can initiate an AWS Glue interactive session by starting a SageMaker Studio Classic notebook. When creating your Studio Classic notebook, choose the built-in Glue PySpark or Glue Spark kernel. This automatically starts an interactive, serverless Spark session. You do not need to provision or manage any compute cluster or infrastructure. After initialization, you can explore the AWS Glue Data Catalog, execute complex queries, and interactively analyze and prepare data using Spark within your Studio Classic notebook. You can then use the prepared data to build, train, tune, and deploy models using the purpose-built ML tools within SageMaker Studio Classic.

Before starting your AWS Glue interactive session in SageMaker Studio Classic, you need to set the appropriate roles and policies. Additionally, you may need to provide access to additional resources, such as a storage Amazon S3 bucket, which might require additional policies. For more information about required and additional IAM policies, see Permissions for AWS Glue Interactive Sessions in SageMaker Studio Classic.

SageMaker Studio Classic provides a default configuration for your AWS Glue interactive session, however, you can use AWS Glue’s full catalog of Jupyter magic commands to further customize your environment. For information about the default and additional Jupyter magics that you can use in your AWS Glue interactive session, see Configure your AWS Glue interactive session in SageMaker Studio Classic.

The supported images and kernels for connecting to a AWS Glue interactive session are as follows:

  • Images: SparkAnalytics 1.0, SparkAnalytics 2.0

  • Kernel: Glue Python [PySpark and Ray] and Glue Spark


The SparkAnalytics image that you select to launch your AWS Glue session in Studio Classic is a combination of two frameworks - the SparkMagic framework (used with Amazon EMR), and AWS Glue. For this reason, the prerequisites for both frameworks apply. However, you do not have to set up the Amazon EMR cluster if you only plan to use AWS Glue Interactive Sessions. Before you start your first AWS Glue interactive session in Studio Classic, complete the following: