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Amazon SageMaker Studio Pricing

The only cost incurred for onboarding to Amazon SageMaker Studio is the one-time cost for the Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) volume created to store user data, such as files and notebooks. In the SageMaker Studio Control Panel, when the Status displays as Ready, the Amazon EFS volume has been created and the cost incurred. Additional storage charges for the Amazon EFS volume will be incurred as user data is created in Studio. For pricing information on Amazon EFS, see Amazon EFS Pricing.

Additional costs are incurred when other operations are run inside Studio, for example, creating an Amazon SageMaker Autopilot job, running a notebook, running training jobs, and hosting a model.

For information on the costs associated with using Studio notebooks, see Usage Metering.

For more information about billing along with pricing examples, see Amazon SageMaker Pricing. On the pricing page, look under one of the AWS Regions supported by Amazon SageMaker Studio. For the regions supported by Studio, see Onboard to Amazon SageMaker Studio.