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SageMaker Training Compiler Example Notebooks and Blogs


Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces that there will be no new releases or versions of SageMaker Training Compiler. You can continue to utilize SageMaker Training Compiler through the existing AWS Deep Learning Containers (DLCs) for SageMaker Training. It is important to note that while the existing DLCs remain accessible, they will no longer receive patches or updates from AWS, in accordance with the AWS Deep Learning Containers Framework Support Policy.

The following blogs, case studies, and notebooks provide examples of how to implement SageMaker Training Compiler.

Example notebooks are provided in the SageMaker examples GitHub repository, and you can also browse them on the SageMaker examples website.

Blogs and Case Studies

The following blogs discuss case studies about using SageMaker Training Compiler.

Examples Notebooks

To find examples of using SageMaker Training Compiler, see the Training Compiler page in the Amazon SageMaker Example Read the Docs website.