How Amazon SageMaker Processes Training Output - Amazon SageMaker

How Amazon SageMaker Processes Training Output

As your algorithm runs in a container, it generates output including the status of the training job and model and output artifacts. Your algorithm should write this information to the following files, which are located in the container's /output directory. Amazon SageMaker processes the information contained in this directory as follows:

  • /opt/ml/output/failure—If training fails, after all algorithm output (for example, logging) completes, your algorithm should write the failure description to this file. In a DescribeTrainingJob response, SageMaker returns the first 1024 characters from this file as FailureReason.


  • /opt/ml/model—Your algorithm should write all final model artifacts to this directory. SageMaker copies this data as a single object in compressed tar format to the S3 location that you specified in the CreateTrainingJob request. If multiple containers in a single training job write to this directory they should ensure no file/directory names clash. SageMaker aggregates the result in a tar file and uploads to S3.