Third-Party Migration Tools - SAP HANA on AWS

Third-Party Migration Tools

If you are interested in using the rehosting option (see the 6 Rs Framework section) for your on-premises SAP HANA environment, you can also leverage third-party continuous data protection (CDP) tools such as CloudEndure, Delphix, ATADATA, and Double-Take, which replicate the on-premises virtual machine, physical servers, and database on AWS. These tools provide an automated way to build your AWS environment, and migrate your source environment as is to AWS, including retaining host names and operating system configuration. These tools are application-agnostic and operate at the operating system and storage level, so they do not need to be SAP-certified for SAP migrations. There may be additional configuration steps needed to ensure that your SAP systems are running in the most optimized manner. For storage and instance requirements, see the Planning the Deployment section of the SAP HANA Quick Start deployment guide.