HA cluster configuration on RHEL - SAP HANA on AWS

HA cluster configuration on RHEL

The following instructions are applicable to Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP with version 7.x and 8.x. You will see different instructions (where applicable) in the following sections.

Operating system configuration

If you are using Red Hat 8.6 or later, the following services must be stopped and disabled on both the cluster nodes. This prevents the NetworkManager from removing the overlay IP address from the network interface.

systemctl disable nm-cloud-setup.timer systemctl stop nm-cloud-setup.timer systemctl disable nm-cloud-setup systemctl stop nm-cloud-setup

Cluster installation

Prerequisite – The system must be subscribed to the required subscription; in this case, RHEL for SAP Solutions.


If you are using a BYOS image, ensure your system is configured with RHEL for SAP and Pacemaker repositories to install the required packages.

yum install -y pcs pacemaker fence-agents-aws yum install -y resource-agents yum install -y resource-agents-sap-hana