Prerequisites - SAP NetWeaver on AWS


Specialized Knowledge

Creating AWS resources for SAP NetWeaver installation is an advanced topic. This guide assumes familiarity with AWS services and resources such as Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC), Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, and security groups. The guide does not cover the setup of Amazon VPC, subnets, and security groups, or the installation of SAP NetWeaver. If you are new to AWS, see the following content to get familiar with AWS technologies:

AWS also provides a Quick Start reference deployment to fast-track your SAP NetWeaver deployment in the AWS Cloud. The Quick Start leverages the AWS programmable infrastructure to provision resources quickly and deploy SAP NetWeaver—usually in less than an hour, with minimal manual intervention.

Technical Requirements

Before you get started, complete the following preparatory tasks:

  1. Make sure that you have the following information for your existing AWS resources. You will need this information when you run AWS CLI commands to create your Amazon EC2 and Amazon EBS resources.

    Information Description

    Region ID

    Region where you want to deploy your AWS resources.

    Availability Zone

    Availability Zone within your target region where you want to deploy your resources. (For a High Availability installation, you would need two Availability Zones.)

    Placement group

    Placement group you want to use to logically group your Amazon EC2 instances within an Availability Zone (recommended for scale out SAP implementations).

    Amazon VPC ID

    Amazon VPC where you want to deploy your Amazon EC2 instance for SAP installation.

    Subnet ID

    Subnet where you want to deploy your Amazon EC2 instance.

    Linux AMI ID

    Amazon Machine Image (AMI) that will be used to launch your Amazon EC2 instance. You can find the latest Linux AMIs in AWS Marketplace.

    Key pair

    Make sure that you have generated the key pair in your target region, and that you have access to the private key.

    Security group ID

    Name of the security group that you want to assign to your Amazon EC2 instance.

    Access key ID

    Access key for your AWS account that will be used with AWS CLI tools.

    Secret access key

    Secret key for your AWS account that will be used with AWS CLI tools.


    If you are using SLES, we recommend installing SLES for SAP, which comes with a bundle of software that meets the specific needs for running SAP workloads on SLES. The SLES for SAP AMIs are available in AWS Marketplace.

  2. Install the AWS CLI on the desktop, laptop, or server from which you plan to run the commands to deploy AWS resources. We recommend that you use the bundled installer. For instructions, see the AWS CLI User Guide.


    Configure your AWS CLI profile with the target region where you want to deploy your AWS resources for SAP installation.