AWS SDK for C++
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Publishing Custom Metric Data

A number of AWS services publish their own metrics in namespaces beginning with "AWS/" You can also publish custom metric data using your own namespace (as long as it doesn't begin with "AWS/").


These code snippets assume that you understand the material in Getting Started Using the AWS SDK for C++ and have configured default AWS credentials using the information in Providing AWS Credentials.

Publish Custom Metric Data

To publish your own metric data, call the CloudWatchClient's PutMetricData function with a PutMetricDataRequest. The PutMetricDataRequest must include the custom namespace to use for the data, and information about the data point itself in a MetricDatum object.


You cannot specify a namespace that begins with "AWS/". Namespaces that begin with "AWS/" are reserved for use by Amazon Web Services products.


#include <aws/core/Aws.h> #include <aws/monitoring/CloudWatchClient.h> #include <aws/monitoring/model/PutMetricDataRequest.h> #include <iostream>


Aws::CloudWatch::CloudWatchClient cw; Aws::CloudWatch::Model::Dimension dimension; dimension.SetName("UNIQUE_PAGES"); dimension.SetValue("URLS"); Aws::CloudWatch::Model::MetricDatum datum; datum.SetMetricName("PAGES_VISITED"); datum.SetUnit(Aws::CloudWatch::Model::StandardUnit::None); datum.SetValue(data_point); datum.AddDimensions(dimension); Aws::CloudWatch::Model::PutMetricDataRequest request; request.SetNamespace("SITE/TRAFFIC"); request.AddMetricData(datum); auto outcome = cw.PutMetricData(request); if (!outcome.IsSuccess()) { std::cout << "Failed to put sample metric data:" << outcome.GetError().GetMessage() << std::endl; } else { std::cout << "Successfully put sample metric data" << std::endl; }

See the complete example.

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