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import ""

type Credentials struct { }

A Credentials provides concurrency safe retrieval of AWS credentials Value. Credentials will cache the credentials value until they expire. Once the value expires the next Get will attempt to retrieve valid credentials.

Credentials is safe to use across multiple goroutines and will manage the synchronous state so the Providers do not need to implement their own synchronization.

The first Credentials.Get() will always call Provider.Retrieve() to get the first instance of the credentials Value. All calls to Get() after that will return the cached credentials Value until IsExpired() returns true.



func (c *Credentials) Expire()

Expire expires the credentials and forces them to be retrieved on the next call to Get().

This will override the Provider's expired state, and force Credentials to call the Provider's Retrieve().


func (c *Credentials) ExpiresAt() (time.Time, error)

ExpiresAt provides access to the functionality of the Expirer interface of the underlying Provider, if it supports that interface. Otherwise, it returns an error.


func (c *Credentials) Get() (Value, error)

Get returns the credentials value, or error if the credentials Value failed to be retrieved.

Will return the cached credentials Value if it has not expired. If the credentials Value has expired the Provider's Retrieve() will be called to refresh the credentials.

If Credentials.Expire() was called the credentials Value will be force expired, and the next call to Get() will cause them to be refreshed.


func (c *Credentials) IsExpired() bool

IsExpired returns if the credentials are no longer valid, and need to be retrieved.

If the Credentials were forced to be expired with Expire() this will reflect that override.

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