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import ""

Package credentials provides credential retrieval and management

The Credentials is the primary method of getting access to and managing credentials Values. Using dependency injection retrieval of the credential values is handled by a object which satisfies the Provider interface.

By default the Credentials.Get() will cache the successful result of a Provider's Retrieve() until Provider.IsExpired() returns true. At which point Credentials will call Provider's Retrieve() to get new credential Value.

The Provider is responsible for determining when credentials Value have expired. It is also important to note that Credentials will always call Retrieve the first time Credentials.Get() is called.

Example of using the environment variable credentials.

creds := credentials.NewEnvCredentials() // Retrieve the credentials value credValue, err := creds.Get() if err != nil { // handle error }

Example of forcing credentials to expire and be refreshed on the next Get(). This may be helpful to proactively expire credentials and refresh them sooner than they would naturally expire on their own.

creds := credentials.NewCredentials(&ec2rolecreds.EC2RoleProvider{}) creds.Expire() credsValue, err := creds.Get() // New credentials will be retrieved instead of from cache.

Custom Provider

Each Provider built into this package also provides a helper method to generate a Credentials pointer setup with the provider. To use a custom Provider just create a type which satisfies the Provider interface and pass it to the NewCredentials method.

type MyProvider struct{} func (m *MyProvider) Retrieve() (Value, error) {...} func (m *MyProvider) IsExpired() bool {...} creds := credentials.NewCredentials(&MyProvider{}) credValue, err := creds.Get()