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import ""

func NewCredentialsWithClient(svc AssumeRoler, roleARN string, options ...func(*AssumeRoleProvider)) *credentials.Credentials

NewCredentialsWithClient returns a pointer to a new Credentials object wrapping the AssumeRoleProvider. The credentials will expire every 15 minutes and the role will be named after a nanosecond timestamp of this operation.

Takes an AssumeRoler which can be satisfied by the STS client.

It is safe to share the returned Credentials with multiple Sessions and service clients. All access to the credentials and refreshing them will be synchronized.


AssumeRoler represents the minimal subset of the STS client API used by this provider.


Type: string


AssumeRoleProvider retrieves temporary credentials from the STS service, and keeps track of their expiration time.

This credential provider will be used by the SDKs default credential change when shared configuration is enabled, and the shared config or shared credentials file configure assume role. See Session docs for how to do this.

AssumeRoleProvider does not provide any synchronization and it is not safe to share this value across multiple Credentials, Sessions, or service clients without also sharing the same Credentials instance.

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