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import ""

type DocumentationPart struct { Id *string `locationName:"id" type:"string"` Location *DocumentationPartLocation `locationName:"location" type:"structure"` Properties *string `locationName:"properties" type:"string"` }

A documentation part for a targeted API entity.

A documentation part consists of a content map (properties) and a target (location). The target specifies an API entity to which the documentation content applies. The supported API entity types are API, AUTHORIZER, MODEL, RESOURCE, METHOD, PATH_PARAMETER, QUERY_PARAMETER, REQUEST_HEADER, REQUEST_BODY, RESPONSE, RESPONSE_HEADER, and RESPONSE_BODY. Valid location fields depend on the API entity type. All valid fields are not required.

The content map is a JSON string of API-specific key-value pairs. Although an API can use any shape for the content map, only the OpenAPI-compliant documentation fields will be injected into the associated API entity definition in the exported OpenAPI definition file.

Documenting an API (, DocumentationParts


Type: *string

The DocumentationPart identifier, generated by API Gateway when the DocumentationPart is created.


Specifies the target API entity to which the documentation applies.


Type: *string

A content map of API-specific key-value pairs describing the targeted API entity. The map must be encoded as a JSON string, e.g., "{ \"description\": \"The API does ...\" }". Only OpenAPI-compliant documentation-related fields from the properties map are exported and, hence, published as part of the API entity definitions, while the original documentation parts are exported in a OpenAPI extension of x-amazon-apigateway-documentation.



func (s DocumentationPart) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *DocumentationPart) SetId(v string) *DocumentationPart

SetId sets the Id field's value.


func (s *DocumentationPart) SetLocation(v *DocumentationPartLocation) *DocumentationPart

SetLocation sets the Location field's value.


func (s *DocumentationPart) SetProperties(v string) *DocumentationPart

SetProperties sets the Properties field's value.


func (s DocumentationPart) String() string

String returns the string representation

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