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import ""

type GetDeploymentsOutput struct { Items []*Deployment `locationName:"item" type:"list"` Position *string `locationName:"position" type:"string"` }

Represents a collection resource that contains zero or more references to your existing deployments, and links that guide you on how to interact with your collection. The collection offers a paginated view of the contained deployments.

To create a new deployment of a RestApi, make a POST request against this resource. To view, update, or delete an existing deployment, make a GET, PATCH, or DELETE request, respectively, on a specified Deployment resource.

Deploying an API (, AWS CLI (, AWS SDKs (


An immutable representation of a RestApi resource that can be called by users using Stages. A deployment must be associated with a Stage for it to be callable over the Internet.

To create a deployment, call POST on the Deployments resource of a RestApi. To view, update, or delete a deployment, call GET, PATCH, or DELETE on the specified deployment resource (/restapis/{restapi_id}/deployments/{deployment_id}).

RestApi, Deployments, Stage, AWS CLI (, AWS SDKs (


Type: *string



func (s GetDeploymentsOutput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *GetDeploymentsOutput) SetItems(v []*Deployment) *GetDeploymentsOutput

SetItems sets the Items field's value.


func (s *GetDeploymentsOutput) SetPosition(v string) *GetDeploymentsOutput

SetPosition sets the Position field's value.


func (s GetDeploymentsOutput) String() string

String returns the string representation

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