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import ""

type ImportRestApiInput struct { Body []byte `locationName:"body" type:"blob" required:"true"` FailOnWarnings *bool `location:"querystring" locationName:"failonwarnings" type:"boolean"` Parameters map[string]*string `location:"querystring" locationName:"parameters" type:"map"` }

A POST request to import an API to API Gateway using an input of an API definition file.


Type: []byte

[Required] The POST request body containing external API definitions. Currently, only OpenAPI definition JSON/YAML files are supported. The maximum size of the API definition file is 2MB.

Body is a required field


Type: *bool

A query parameter to indicate whether to rollback the API creation (true) or not (false) when a warning is encountered. The default value is false.


Type: map[string]*string

A key-value map of context-specific query string parameters specifying the behavior of different API importing operations. The following shows operation-specific parameters and their supported values.

To exclude DocumentationParts from the import, set parameters as ignore=documentation.

To configure the endpoint type, set parameters as endpointConfigurationTypes=EDGE, endpointConfigurationTypes=REGIONAL, or endpointConfigurationTypes=PRIVATE. The default endpoint type is EDGE.

To handle imported basePath, set parameters as basePath=ignore, basePath=prepend or basePath=split.

For example, the AWS CLI command to exclude documentation from the imported API is:

aws apigateway import-rest-api --parameters ignore=documentation --body 'file:///path/to/imported-api-body.json'

The AWS CLI command to set the regional endpoint on the imported API is:

aws apigateway import-rest-api --parameters endpointConfigurationTypes=REGIONAL --body 'file:///path/to/imported-api-body.json'



func (s ImportRestApiInput) GoString() string

GoString returns the string representation


func (s *ImportRestApiInput) SetBody(v []byte) *ImportRestApiInput

SetBody sets the Body field's value.


func (s *ImportRestApiInput) SetFailOnWarnings(v bool) *ImportRestApiInput

SetFailOnWarnings sets the FailOnWarnings field's value.


func (s *ImportRestApiInput) SetParameters(v map[string]*string) *ImportRestApiInput

SetParameters sets the Parameters field's value.


func (s ImportRestApiInput) String() string

String returns the string representation


func (s *ImportRestApiInput) Validate() error

Validate inspects the fields of the type to determine if they are valid.

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